When is Fathers Day

When is Fathers Day 2021

Our father is an essential part of our family, and they provide us with a lot of knowledge and learnings to guide us throughout our life. The influence of parents, especially fathers is essential for mental and physical development. For their immense contribution and efforts in making our lives better, we celebrate and try to remember when it is father’s day.

A common question,”When is Fathers Day Celebrated?” So, Father’s Day is celebrated each year on the third Sunday of June. Some countries celebrate this day on different dates. A popular date for this day is March 19 and the other one is Sunday of August. India celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June.

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognise and appreciate the huge contribution of fathers in their children’s lives. This day is meant to cherish the fathers worldwide who work day and night to make their children’s lives better and lead them to a bright future.

When is Father’s Day – Controversies and Commercialization

When is fathers day

Father’s Day was still looked down upon by men and called a foolish attempt to attach weak, sentimental values to the father and a marketing strategy to buy gifts for fathers such as bouquets, wallets, belts, hats, tobacco holders etc. which were often paid for and by the father himself.

When is Fathers Day become a marketing strategy? Father’s Day was heavily promoted by companies during the Great Depression when companies strived hard to sell their products and showed Father’s day as a second Christmas and a day to buy several products for fathers. 

Advertisers used the fighting soldiers during World War II as a reason to celebrate father’s day and dedicated this day to their hard work and patriotism for the homeland. During his presidential campaign, Richard Nixon signed a proclamation that declared Father’s Day as a federal holiday, a status given to Father’s Day in various other countries. The commercialization of Father’s Day has led to it becoming a 1 Billion Dollar business opportunity in the USA alone.  

Many activists view discrete Father’s Day and Mother’s Day as unreasonable and a true marketing stunt. They strive to abolish separate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day for a common Parents Day celebration as they think that both parents’ efforts should be appreciated together and not as individual, discrete celebrations.

When is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. It’s quite clear that the date changes every year. It is celebrated internationally, even though several countries celebrate Father’s Day on different dates nationally. 

A list of Father’s Day in the upcoming year-

When is Fathers Day

June 20, 2021 Father’s Day 2021
June 19, 2022 Father’s Day 2022
June 18, 2023 Father’s Day 2023
June 16, 2024 Father’s Day 2024
June 15, 2025 Father’s Day 2025


What to Do On Father’s Day?

This day is celebrated to cherish the presence of fathers in our lives, and you should celebrate it by spending the day with your father. You can use this as an opportunity to come closer to your father and make him realise how much you love him. You can express your feelings and gratitude towards him. You can confess to him if you have something to confess, so that you could be more open and truthful towards him, because Father’s Day is not just about fathers but also about your relationship with him.

You can celebrate this by doing special things that he loves or giving him a gift. You can also write notes that mention your gratefulness and recognition for his efforts. You should try to make this day about him and do something that establishes the fact.

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We have talked about when is Fathers Day in different parts of the world. It is celebrated in most countries of the World on the third Sunday of June, and some countries of Europe celebrate it on St.Joseph’s Day on March 19. It is celebrated worldwide to appreciate the father’s efforts for making his children’s lives better and secure their future.

Fathers Day Date 2021- 20 June 2021

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